Dream Hues & Heartaches Mesh Bandeau


Archive Wildcat Leopard Swimsuit


UberFluff Faux Fur Hat - Copper Gold


'No Fox Hunt' Faux Fur Festival Jacket


COQUETTE // A new way. A deeper love and understanding. Our newest collection offers more exclusivity to each individual piece. We are changing the way we navigate the newer way of the world and over production doesn't align with Elsie & Fred. This will allow you to land the newest pieces ahead of launch, meaning it is made just for YOU. It simply has to be more conscious. We love creating collections and seeing you living your life in them, but we don't want excess...that's never what Elsie & Fred was created to be. We believe that as we pivot into this new space we can create better pieces with more freedom to express ourselves and help you live your very best years. We love you. We appreciate you. Your garments will be cut and sewn when you place your order and delivered directly to you with love and care. Thank you x Please see each individual product for lead times and delivery x

Top pieces this week ❥

Daddy Issues White Cropped Fitted T-Shirt


Erratic & Dramatic Fitted Baby Tee


Step Mom Era Yellow Fitted Baby Tee


Turn Off The Lights T-Shirt


Gloriously Scatty T Shirt



About us

Elsie and Fred is independently owned by 3 sibling, Natalie, Leanne and Ryan Haynes, from Coventry, England. The company now lives in London. Everything is done in house; with the design, content, PR, marketing, photography and videography being done from the studio. We design everything from our damn hearts and we love we get to show what's going on in our heads day in and out. We make 3-4 collections a year and take our sweet time doing so. Designed by us, with you in mind. Fun, Bold and always up for a laugh. So if you're not down to party with EVERYBODY, then we're not the brand for you because we love just about every creed, sexuality and person on this planet.