Beyonce's Lemonade Fashion High-Lights....

Who the F*ck do you think I is??? (Don't Hurt Yourself, Beyonce, 2016)
Oh we know who you are and you are anything but average. Since the release of visual album Lemonade, everyone has been talking about nothing but Beyonce.... Whilst praying to our new woman god that is Beyonce, we would like to be wearing layered mustard Roberto Cavalli....please!!
Norma Kamali swimsuit and B. Akerlund x Natalia Fedner Design chainmail top. 
Roberto Cavalli dress, Saint Laurent platforms..
Yeezy crop top and leggings.
Gig Couture. 
Neil Barrett coat and trousers.
 House of Malakai headpiece.
Gucci Suit

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