The Mystical World of the Cape.....

The days are long, the weather questionable, this can only mean one thing......Its Festival Season......
Whilst wellies and a cagoule will still need to be as high on the packing priority list as ibuprofen and socks, we must not let the weather dampen the wild party woman within us.....
Why wear a coat, when you could be rocking a CAPE... Here are some of our favourite historical cape ensembles.
Laetitia Casta rocking some serious cape action in Christian Dior Couture.
Alexander McQueen F/W 2016/17 - Never letting the side down with this drop dead gorgeous floor length cape. 
It never rains but it pours Aqua glitter in this cape of dreams at Shambala.
When I die, can it be in this Cape? Photo from British Vogue.
The totally inspiring embroidery of Alexander McQueen again......
Just like a star in this amazing gold tasseled number from  a fashion editorial for Elle.
Well we couldn't let them have all the fun could we?
Introducing the 

Riders of the Storm Cape

from us to you, go and make the night shine xxxxxxxx

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