Where our 'La Bamba' shorts came from
The Elsie & Fred La Bamba has become the festival essential that we all love. They complement all your lovely figures, glisten in the light and are bound to grab you the attention you deserve. The original La Bamba got its name from the 1987 film 'La Bamba' about  rock 'n' roll star Ritchie Valens.

Since our first ever La Bamba (the Aqua) we have released a total of 10 different colours to match any season, personality or style. These tassle fringe hot pants have been a favourite by all and it has been proved impossible to just stop at one! 

Some of our La Bamba highlights (other than all of our Elsie & Fred babes looking amazing in them and creating a Elsie & Fred army at all the hottest festivals) has been seeing them on the Love Island glitter night in 2017, being worn by Dua Lipa dancers at the Champions League, Kate Upton rocking a gold pair and being worn by Victoria Secret superstar Alessandra Ambrosio. 


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