Suburban Nights Spotify Tunes 👌✨

So suburban nights has landed babes and we've brought you suburban night bangers to get you chillin through summer.

From jazz blues to disco to electric tunes to future funk; we're bringing you fresh tracks mixed with 70/80s classics. So get those speakers plugged in and get ready to dance away to our suburban night jammmzzz.

Featured on our playlist we got Ghostlife with fire tunes from their 2018 album Flares, blessing our ears with some electric jazz.

We're taking it old school by bringing back CLASSIC Grover Washington, Jr saxophone beats from 1976, his jazz-funk jams will forever be all-time classics to get your body movinnn.

We've also got Ducat track 'Is this a dream' from the 2018 album 'Groovez', the banger featured on our suburban nights promo video gives you instant Ibiza vibessss, so get listening and you'll be living and breathing suburban nights in no time. 

And if you haven't checked out our new suburban nights collection yet then what you playinn at babe?? 

Have a listen now: 


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