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Article: The E&F Guide To Self-Isolating

The E&F Guide To Self-Isolating | Elsie & Fred

The E&F Guide To Self-Isolating


So! You’re staying home to help slow down the dreaded ‘rona virus. Congrats! You are doing your bit in protecting the old and the vulnerable and that’s something to feel good about. But those good vibes aren’t gonna hang around for long when your roommate starts talking about how flat earthers might be onto something.

Fear not - Elsie and Fred present the ULTIMATE guide on how to stay sane during this v confusing time. 

1. Get outta bed

Boy oh boy are you gonna be tempted to switch them 6am alarms off, but don’t do it baby! You will feel like a garbage person when you awake at 2pm and realise you’ve wasted your morning. Trust. Set your alarm for a decent time, around 8.45am? Not too early - there simply is no need - but early enough to know that you’ll get shit done.

2. Shake a leg

Have a stretch, pull up the Elsie and Fred Isolation Station and bust a move. Being inside all day isn’t the one, so dancing around the house will not only make sure you stay active but also get them endorphins flowing. SING IT! Pull up that Atomic Kitten routine you learned in year three and shimmy those bad isolation vibes away.

3. Give yourself a ‘Rona 2k20 glow up

What better time than now to do that hair treatment you’ve never had time for? Get them face masks out, put a plastic bag around your oiled up head and dip them toes into a cheeky bowl of water. Pull up your laptop and crack on with work knowing that you will be looking fleeky when it’s finally time to link up safely.

  • 4. Make something tasty
  • You can really get creative here - ofc you could just boil that pasta, grate some cheese on top. BOOM. But you have literally nowhere to be. So grab that bit of garlic out the cupboard, melt the cheese into a bit of milk, any old bread? You’re now looking at a rustic macaroni cheese with garlic breadcrumbs and Nigella is q u a k i n g.

  • 5. Call ya pals
  • There is a weird energy flowing now that we are all house bound, it’s feeling like when you used to run home to spend all night on MSN. Awkward and needy. But we are here in 2020 and facetime exists - so nudge your friends and make sure to keep speaking to people you love regularly, if they aren’t feeling camera ready then leave them a voice note! Stay connected!!

  • There are a million and one new things you could be learning to do with all this free time - so try one! These are strange times and we must keep our bodies and minds engaged to remain positive. Stay safe and spread love not COVID-19 x

    Meme 4 gd measure?

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