VidaKush x Elsie Fred

 We are so excited to be featured in VidaKush's monthly online Pop-up Shop this. We have been huge fans of their body adornments forever!
Introducing... VidaKush x Elsie Fred

Gorgeous @stargrl in the Elsie and Fred 'Walk on the Wild Side Dress' and VidaKush 'Chain Mail' Belt.

Badass babe @siickbrain in the Elsie and Fred 'Love Bites' Denim Jacket, the Black sequin  La bamba shorts, styled with the VidaKush 'Hand Cuff chain.'

So much love for this image...@stargrl in the VidaKush 'Innocenti Choker,' 'Ornate Cross Earring and the Elsie and Fred 'Hellraiser Slip Dress'

@siickbrain the the Elsie and Fred 'Burning Desire' Jumpsuit, the VidaKush 'Allegri Choker and Maestri Belt.

All photos courtesy of VidaKush 

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