Welcome to DISTORTED VILLE: The Halloween Edit

Please drive carefully there are many wrong turns 
Established since 1814
Welcome to our anti-utopian cosmos…..the neighbourhood where anything goes,  a community where the undesirable and the frightening thrive.
Residents of this modern society have been listed as some of the happiest city dwellers, despite the strict totalitarian ruling and acutely degraded environment.
We must stress that despite a macabre series of unsolved murders in recent months, the area is still extremely safe to reside within and a number of suspects are currently being investigated by…….absolutely no-one……
Distorted: 'Inflatable Alice' PVC Cut Out Halloween Two Piece
Alice has potentially lured in victims due to her angelic and approachable persona. With lashes to melt even the coldest of hearts it is to no surprise that Alice’s casualties have willingly walked into their own demise.
. .
'Inflatable Alice' PVC Cut Out Halloween Two Piece
Distorted: 'Dom-inique' PU Zip Through Halloween Catsuit
Infamous for the dehumanization of her casualties through the most gruesome of means Dom-inique should not be approached under any circumstances and should be approached with caution. Her weapon of choice is a thick metal chain. The echo of the chain reverbs for hours after each kill.

. 'Dom-inique' PU Zip Through Halloween Catsuit

Distorted: 'Purgatory' Sheer Animal Print Halloween Catsuit
Rumour has it that the towns resident Nun has been swamped with local exorcisms of late. Results have been mixed…Is this Demonic Nun the one to be helping others?

Lord save me for I have sinned,  for too long I have indulged in sinful practices of self pleasure and indulgence.. I know that I am a sinner and that I cannot save myself.


Distorted: 'Snaky Bitch' snake print Halloween co-ord.
1. Not able to be relied on as honest or truthful.
    By no means the most favoured resident of the town……Remember that husband you once had? Remember that cute fluffy Chihuahua that went  missing after it shat on her lawn? Yeah so do we, not sure what happened there.
    But as a piece of advice…….I wouldn't get to close…..she bites. 

     'Snaky Bitch' snake print Halloween co-ord

    Distorted: 'Stay Woke' Sheer Purple Halloween Slip Dress
    She claims she can see into the future, yet cannot prove that it was not in fact her that has been responsible for the spate of local murders.
    Is the advice she is giving residents self serving? Truthful? Accurate?........my crystal ball says….doubtful.


    Distorted: 'Dead Social Media Queen' Iridescent Sequin Halloween Bodysuit
    Since the catastrophic deterioration of her 460 million Instagram followers, it is not hard to see why our very own beauty Queen would have motive for revenge on Distorted residents.
    Since the town expressed a serve techno-paranoia , she has found herself selfie-ing alone in dark and undesirable spaces…..


    We are currently accepting new residents to into DISTORTED which has ranked highly on most desirable places to lists according to tripadvisor despite the advanced state of collapse and disintegration.

    If any of you fun filled lollipops, triple dipped in psycho sauce would like to win one of these she devil looks, plus two tickets to TWISTED CIRCUS Halloween party @ the o2 Forum on Friday 26th of October, head over to our Instagram page...

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