It’s International Women's Day  (IWD) wahooooo! It’s the one day of the calendar year that focuses on celebrating women and sisterhood. The day we all come together and push in support of intersectional feminism.  The day we all rise up for what we believe in, the day we stop accepting things we don't want and start demanding change.

So this year, self development and mental wellness platform Crazy Creative Cool alongside independent fashion brand Elsie & Fred and London based independent illustrator, Sophie Brampton have joined forces to launch their female led campaign ‘Women Unite’

The 3 brands have decided to officially extend International Women's Day to International Women's SEASON. A whole season of celebrating our sisters and manifesting the powers of feminine energy.

The campaign  ‘Women Unite’ will comprise of 4 elements

  • A Customised Vintage Denim, hand embroidered with female led strong images. 25% of the jacket proceeds will be being donated to a charity that supports and represents young women in the UK.
  • Wellness workshops focusing on goal setting and mental wellbeing. More info on that to follow soon.
  • We will also teaming up with some amazingly influential young women in sharing their inspirational stories with us in a series of short films. In the video, the girls talk about their mental health and their support systems.
  • In addition to all this fabulousness, we've also created some super cute stickers, so you can stick them everywhere to remind yourself of your own power!!




Suzan Selcuk heads self development / mental wellness platform Crazy Creative Cool who create space for creative females. Making mental wellness a priority.

Elsie & Fred is an online fashion clothing boutique created and run by 3 siblings, Natalie, Leanne & Ryan Haynes. Focused on ensuring that millennial females wardrobes are as fierce as their mindset

Sophie Rose Brampton is a London based independent illustrator focusing on contemporary fashion trends, feminism and womanhood. Intrigued by millennial behaviours, sexism and female sexuality, these issues serve as inspiration for her personal digitally drawn work


CraZyCreativeCool presents: #mysupportSIStem

By Suzan Selcuk

#mysupportsistem: A movement to celebrate and encourage conversations between friends, peers and complete strangers so that we can show young girls that it's ok to ask for help. As simple as it sounds, asking for help can be the hardest thing to do, especially for those struggling with mental health issues. As you guys may know, I personally suffered for years in silence and even those closest to me had no idea because I felt embarrassed to talk about it to anyone. Before I started the CCC platform, even my best friend was in the dark about how low I really felt!

The aim of this movement is to not only highlight mental health in creative industries but to give young women the strength the speak out and ask for help. Get involved with the conversation of #mysupportSIStem and take the first step today to reach out to ONE person. It could be someone you know, or it could be a stranger. It could be taking those steps to speak to a doctor about getting professional help. Sisterhood is not just posting cute memes on social media, it's doing the work and helping each other through the real sh!t. The messy stuff, the stuff we don't feel comfortable talking about, let alone post about. We can create change, it just takes baby steps... are you going to take yours today?

We believe in you, you got this!

A Customised Vintage Denim, featuring imagery created by illustrator Sophie Brampton and then printed and hand-painted in house at Elsie & Fred HQ using our campaign slogan 'Women Unite'

25% of the jacket proceeds will be being donated to the Young Women Trust.

Young Women’s Trust is a national charity that supports young women struggling to live on low or no pay. With over one million young women in the UK facing a lifetime of financial, social and emotional disadvantage, we provide practical services to young women to enable them to build their confidence, broaden their aspirations and find work.

Lots of love, 
The Elsie & Fred team

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