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Article: Wanderlust Holiday Destinations 2024 - IBIZA

Wanderlust Holiday Destinations 2024 - IBIZA

Wanderlust Holiday Destinations 2024 - IBIZA

There is little that can compete with a European adventure during the summer months of May to September. Whether watching an iconic Ibiza sunset or walking through the white chalk stone buildings of Mykonos, it is what dreams are made of.

  Now more then ever we are seeking a sense of adventure and freedom through adventure. 

 In the first of our Wanderlust Adventures series, we uncover the iconic Isle of Ibiza and some of the must see and do's. 



 A sunset beach bar and street food venue based in San Antonio, behind the Grand Paradiso hotel. This super chill vibes venue, offers delicious post beach day cocktails using only the freshest ingredients to pair alongside its offerings of Mexican and Asian cuisine.

Head there straight from the beach and pop one on of the below fits, over your bikini or post shower before sundown and dancing. 

 What to wear


Dalt Vila

The city is divided into three distinct parts with the first being the Old Town which is the area of the fortified citadel Dalt Vila.

Dalt Vila hosts a super fun selection of bars and cafes and beautiful historic buildings from the ancient old town. At night the area comes alive for the night market, where you can find handmaid jewellery, unique offerings and a sexy gorgeous atmosphere. 

Perfect for pre-club drinks and loads of eclectic music bars that are situated next to the harbour. 


What to wear



The Skinny Kitchen

There is no denying that 72 hours on the sunny isle can be pretty exhausting on the body and the trick to longevity is all in the balance. Skinny Kitchen is located in front of the marina in San Antonio. Specialising in yummy vegan and vegetarian healthy food. Super fresh ingredients, reasonable priced and the perfect post dancing the night away meal to counterbalance the copious amount of cocktails you may or may not have had the night before.

The also do the dopest of breakfast for even if your head hasn't yet met your pillow

The brand motto is, "Blow your mind, replenish your soul." and this is a life mantra that we are definitely on board with. 


What to wear



Cala Olivera

We can't not have a secret location beach in our 'non negotiable' list and Cala Olivera is up there with some of the most beautiful secluded spots on the Island. Located in Santa Eulalia, we suggest you pack your bikini, suncream and some sarnies and get there early.

With its serene cove and crystalline sea, this is a serious paradise spot. Chill with the locals, swim in the sea and enjoy the largely untouched slice of heaven. 


What to wear



So, we've caught the sun, shopped at a night market, watched the sunset and fuelled on yummy seasonal cuisine. There is only one thing left on the list to tick off for this Ibiza adventure......Banging beats and dancing till your feet can dance no more



Boasting some of the worlds best clubs, the list of venues to frequent is vast. One that stood the test of time is Amnesia. Known as the temple of music where you can enjoy techno, house, bass and Latin genres alongside so many others. 

The dance floor is massive, yet the space still feels intimate and communal. The energy is electric and it is an experience not be be missed. 

Open till 5am, you will need to pace yourself, drink water, get fresh air and look after your mates. 


What to wear 


Ibiza is a magical place where magical things can happen, we barely touched on the delights the Island has to offer here so part two is already in process. Join us for part two when we visit, Lisbon, Greek Islands and Spanish paradise locations. 







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