Sophie Rose Brampton
Sophie is an ABSOLUTE BABE and we are currently loving her artwork! We caught up with her to ask her some questions about waa gwaan. 
Sophie Rose Brampton Spotlight

Hey Sophie! What's going on, How are you?

Hey Guys! I’m great thanks, busy busy!!


Tell us what you've been up to of late? 

I’ve been juggling multiple projects recently for some small brands and individuals looking for a sassy piece of me. I’ve also been plotting ways to get into the world of apparel and getting my designs out there on different products. I’ve been freelancing as an illustrator and working part time for almost a year now and it’s all one big struggle dressed up in fishnets and disguised with sass.


How old were you when you got into art and what was it that inspired you?

I’ve always been an artist in my opinion, I was always scribbling on walls or drawing people since I was little. It’s always been women that have been my main focus too, from when I was younger painting beautiful princesses with long flowing hair and now drawing women who are strong, who own their sexuality and ‘bitchiness’. Women you don’t want to mess with. Womanhood as a whole inspires my work in different ways.

Sophie Brampton Artwork

There is a big self portrait and female strength element to your artwork, is this something that is important to you?

 Yes, it’s important to me as a form of expression and self-acceptance, also a form of revenge I suppose to those that have slut shamed before. It’s all about owning it- there’s nothing you can do for the people that call you names except for educate, evaluate and just reclaim the words. Expressing my views, feelings and my passions is something I find like therapy. Sounds dramatic but my inner strength has got me through hard times and that’s just how I deal with it by illustrating. Art has always been the most relaxing and enjoyable thing in my life- art is better than sex!


How do you find the rise in popularity via Instagram, engaging with customers and fans?

I love it! I’ll do anything for attention. Haha joking (maybe). It’s all positive really, I’m so pleased that people relate or even just like to look at my work. I get some lovely comments and it’s SO encouraging. It’s crazy when I think about the amount of people, I know to others a few thousand isn’t ‘a lot’ but it really is!! At times it has been quite overwhelming for my anxiety, but I just have to view it as this amazing platform that I need to live up to and create my best work.


Do you ever find yourself changing the content of your art based on a consciousness of body shapes and sizes in the fashion and art industry?

 I do, however as of late my work has mainly been featuring average UK size models. This is something I REALLY want to work on this year and I have a couple of people who I’m in talks with collaborating with who I know will change the game.


Where is your safe place to create?

At home in the living room. I need to be surrounded by all my stuff, all my thoughts and good comfy vibes!


Tell us about your recent exhibition of Girls Interrupted...Girl Interrupted

The exhibition was amazing!! I was featured among 19 other female artists whose work was all around the theme of womanhood and destroying the patriarchy. It was quite a political exhibition and all the women involved stood for something very relevant and important- women’s rights. The work was all so honest and personal and it’s quite something to see women collaboratively say that they deserve better from society. It was also very surreal to see people take photos of my work, it was an incredible feeling.


What global takeover plans do you have for 2018? 

More collaboration, creative projects and designing more meaningful pieces that inspire people. Perhaps even a collab with Elsie and Fred....

You can find Sophie's artwork right here!
Sophie Brampton Artwork