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REWIND Limited Edition Hand Printed Pants

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It’s time to be different. It’s time to be bold and expressive and true to who you are. That is why we selected the REWIND trouser for our first limited edition capsule. Something fresh, it was time for a shake up, time to put the joggers away for a couple of days.

A loose fit, tapered, lightweight trouser with elasticated waistband at the rear and waist panel at the front for the perfect mix of comfort AND style. The REWIND trouser is hand dyed in a purple and green tone graphic print.

  • These pants are currently available in One-Size. That one size will fit UK sizes 8-14. We know this therefore isn’t one-size fits all. We are working on it guys and if you love them we will design our own version and make sure they are all-inclusive :)
  • Material: 100% Viscose
  • Care: Cold wash
  • PLEASE NOTE: Due to the renewal nature of these trousers, patterns can vary from item to item but all are very similar to the image.

Welcome to our limited edition India sourced capsule. Created using fabric offcuts.

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    Elsie and Fred is independently owned by 3 sibling, Natalie, Leanne and Ryan Haynes, from Coventry, England. The company now lives in London with a Bermondsey based studio. Everything is done in house; with the design, content, PR, marketing, photography and videography being done from the studio. 

    We currently fulfill all orders from a fulfillment centre in Wigan, Lancashire as the studio got a little small for us all to carry on as we were.


    E&F have two factories based in Guangzhou, China that manufacture Elsie and Fred Clothing. The owners travel to China several times a year to visit the factories, oversee production, choose fabrics and liase with the owners (the babe that is Ashley, find her in our IG highlights). It mostly turns into Ashley saying she's had some ideas and wants to join the design team. Ethical manufacturing is very important to us and we simply will not work with any companies who don't exercise ethical practices. This includes quality of factory standards, working wage for staff and ensuring there is no use of animal products within our products. 


    We are working on reducing plastic across the company as much as possible, this has started with re-usable mailing bags and will be moving into using compostable mailing bags in 2021.

    We are also trying to work with recycled fabrics as much as possible to heavily reduce our footprint. All of our clothing and dye's used in our clothing are vegan and we're super personally passionate about the future of the sustainability of our company. We're far from perfect at the moment but we are always working on it and will be sure to keep you updated here. 


    We haven't taken on any interns in 2020 fo obvious reason however it is something we love to do, so if you are looking to get into working in fashion, marketing or content creation and are PASSIONATE! please pop us over an email on 

    Manufacturing/Fashion Design: Natalie@elsieandfred.com

    Fashion Design/PR/Marketing: Leanne@elsieandfred.com

    Content Creation/Graphic Design/Videography/Tech: Ryan@elsieandfred.com 


    We do most things in house. What that means is from design processes to photography and marketing to social and graphic design it's all done by us in the studio. The manufacturing itself is China and the distribution WIgan, but all the other bits you can find us beavering away in South East London.

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