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Get 15% off with CODE:CHEERMEUP

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Elsie and Fred is independently owned by 3 sibling, Natalie, Leanne and Ryan Haynes, from Coventry, England. The company now lives in London. Everything is done in house; with the design, content, PR, marketing, photography and videography being done from the studio. We design everything from our damn hearts and we love we get to show what's going on in our heads day in and out. We make 3-4 collections a year and take our sweet time doing so. Designed by us, with you in mind. Fun, Bold and always up for a laugh. So if you're not down to party with EVERYBODY, then we're not the brand for you because we love just about every creed, sexuality and person on this planet.

You can also find us on:

Crochet2 - Elsie & Fred
Red3 - Elsie & Fred
Daddy2 - Elsie & Fred
building - Elsie & Fred
mesh2 - Elsie & Fred
Red2 - Elsie & Fred
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