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Article: Best EVER Nike Trainer? Lets See

Best EVER Nike Trainer? Lets See - Elsie & Fred

Best EVER Nike Trainer? Lets See

Why should we care?
Put simply, we shouldn't. It literally could not matter less. Fun to go through them though. So let's go. 
Look. Before you get triggered by your favourite Nike not being in the list, it's only my opinion and I don't know anything. I just know I grew up in the era when all these badboyysss were made and I'm gonna hit you with my views. 

 10. Sweet shape, probably the best colourway I have stumbled across tbh. Maybe new Dulwich dads have ruined them a little but considering they were made in 1973 as one of the first running trainers to exist.....gwaaan bruv. Called the waffle because Phil Knights running teacher used a waffle iron to mould the rubber on the bottom to get better traction. (Read the Shoe Dog book, it's sick) 

9. Nike Shox, don't @ me. Crackin trainer. For a trainer to be made this side of 2000, it takes some doing to be in the top 10, cause they're usually plastic shit. Not alot more to say about these. They're comfy, I had them in 2002 in year 10, got sent home. Boss

8. Despise them. But people don't. The back panel gives me the ick. Trainers climbing up your ankle give me the ick. Can't knock Micky J though, ledge. 

7. One of the best of the 90's. Think my aunty claimed she had some with a squidgy tongue so it blew up and made them more comfy. Oversaturated in the 2000's comeback but it doesn't take away from them being a superb trainer. The shape is sick. Colourways are decccccent and they look good on. 

6. Ahhhh if you wore these at school you were a bully. But my god what a trainer. Remember Lily Allen rocking these in 2001 with a big dress and everything went re crazy for them. Really don't like the way the swoosh sits on them but such a boss trainer.

5. Now you might say, these are basically Air Jordans....but the difference is the back half of it. They look sexier on the foot as they all go in the same direction. Theres a flow to the dunks that the jordans havent got and thats just the way it is. 

4. Again, they're in here because I sort of have to. Theres too many people that would kick off if I didn't have them in. Truth is they're whatever. I get they're versatile, and look good crisp and clean etc. But yeh....whatever, man.

3. Bad boy trainer, bad boy year. Colourways struggle a little IMO in general but killer shape (although they scoop up at the front a little too much) Throw in a Skepta collab and you've got yourself.a nauuughhhhty trainer. They weren't massive the first time round, they haven't had the spotlight that the 95 or 90 had but hellluva trainer.   

2. Now if you had the Air Max 90 you probably bullied kids at school....if you had these you definitely did. Smoking a likkle spliff behind the bins or up the field. You were on the edge of suspension as all times and had a matching Nike drawstring bag with nothing in it other than some papers and a lighter that you stole. The colourways they made with the 95 were unlike any other and its a trainer yet to be killed. ALTHOUGH. theres some new version of these where the platform is lower and they look cheap as hell. Such a good trainer though. Subtle Swoosh, the canvas, the midsole....all top drawer. 

1. Call me biased but these are the best Nike trainers ever to exist. Not this colour mind. I had these in 4 different colours as a kid, used to save up my paper round Christmas tips and go straight to footlocker. Chirpsed all the girls at pop beach as a 13 yr old (I actually got scared an ran off) WHAT A TRAINER. The shape, the quality the stripes. ooooo my gosh. So versatile, never cheapened. They're a dead cert classic and you can't tell me NUTTIN against it. Numero Uno. 

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