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Article: About Us

About Us

About Us


Elsie & Fred is a culture and passion-driven, independent brand that defies the traditional fashion codes. Our unique and ineffable tone of voice which is communicated via our clothing, social media channels and distinctive customer experience, is integral to our identity. 
We are a sibling owned brand that feel strongly about ethics and morality. We will always stick up for what we believe to be right and look after those who are marginalised. It's extremely important to us that our voice is loud in the face of hate and intolerance. 
Owned by 3 siblings, Natalie, Leanne and Ryan, from Coventry originally and now based in London. Super passionate about their working class roots and Bajan  🇧🇧 heritage on their fathers side. Through tears, tantrums, learning and love here we are 8 years later growing and evolving as people and as a company. 
We produce around 3/4 collections a year, we put our heart and soul into this company and our single goal is to make sure that everyone feels good when wearing Elsie and Fred. If you're not....we're doing something wrong. 
Meet Elsie and Fred...Natalie, Leanne and Ryan's Grandparents. Both no longer with us, but when we did tell Elsie we had named our business after her, she laughed and asked why you'd call it a stupid name like that?!
For that reason alone, we have to keep it independent and in the fam. 

 We try to remain as transparent as possible about our manufacturing processes, the team and anything that you want to know about a clothing business. We manufacture our garments in Guangzhou, China and have done for around 6 years now. A small ethical factory that take extreme pride working conditions and quality of production. Ashley and Simon, the little babes...own the factory and we hope to have a long relationship with them. 

None of our clothing used animal products in any way and we always use strive to work on our global footprint across the company, from the amount of plastic we produce to improving our sustainable practices. We're by no means perfect but we do strive to be better humans and bosses every day. 

Pre covid meant we travelled to China a couple of times a year to handpick fabrics and meet Ashley (our manufacturer) to chat everything from previous collections and new creations. 

You can find Elsie and Fred pop up in Dua Lipa and Zara Larsson videos One Kiss and Ruin my Life. Paris Hilton, the icon herself popping up in some E&F too!. IamDDB, Eliza Rose, Mabel, Ivorian Doll and loads of other massive babes rep Elsie and Fred and we LOVE to see it. Nothing gives us more joy than seeing you tag us in our clothing and having the time of your lives.

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