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Get 15% off with CODE:CHEERMEUP

Behind the Collection: Bambi 🍊

by Ella Moore on August 15, 2023

We sat down with 1/3 of the Elsie & Fred designers, Leanne, to break down the Latest Collection.

A collection that captures the essence of sexiness, liberation and sun-soaked style. Get ready to immerse yourself in our new collection baby. Sheer silhouettes to tease sexy nudity, dusk-til-dawn date night dresses, magnetic prints to make you feel your shit is on lock. Exposed collarbones, shimmery skin embracing the sun. That’s Her. That's Bambi baby.



Anyone who wants to wear it. We design for an energy, a way of life, not any one individual. You have your own soundtrack for your own feature film whilst walking down the street, walking up to the bar, pulling up at a date or whatever. You actually want that excuse to stand up and be seen… and why shouldn’t you?






We actually asked each other this while on location shooting it and I honestly cannot call it. I love the juxtaposition of the subtlety of the Unwrap Me two-piece whilst at the same time being mildly outrageous. The 3rd Date Ruffle dress is a beautifully classic piece and the Daddy Juicy Mirinda Booty Shorts & Tee makes my heart feel full. The azure blue on the lace pieces reminds me of tropical oceans and both the West Coast Open Knit Maxi Dress and the Woven Halter Bodycum Knit Dress are frigging showstoppers. I literally cannot wait to see people shine in them



We decided together after a glass and wine and why? because we think it’s humorous. ‘No one knows what it means but it’s provocative’…… Bants, but we are being light with it. It’s fun.





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