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Article: What if 90s Rave were a pair of Jeans?

What if 90s Rave were a pair of Jeans? - Elsie & Fred

What if 90s Rave were a pair of Jeans?

Well we did just that mate!
The Process begins with silhouettes we wanted, and we were after a shape similar to the Evisu and Echo styles we used to bang when we were 14 (we old).

It had to incorporate some touches from hacienda Manchester vibes mixed with a little aqua and naughty acid house to set it off..... 

Ryan: “I always feel it’s easier to come up with a concept for a print if you can create a character to build around and place where the person is when they’re wearing it…..

This human being just happens to be absolutely having it in the club….

A little bit naughty innit”

So this NAWTY little teddy was born. Not too sure why it's ripped it's teddy bears head off....probably the acid.

Sooner or later we added in more 90s elements of Bjork softness and dead cheekeh Elsie and Fred details you know we can’t live without adding....


And so this was born. Added the chemical symbol for MDMA in it as well. I just like to tilt on the edge of pissing some people off to be honest. "Fwd Motion" was all about the notion of 90s house music being so progressive, liberal and judgement free. I feel we need that period of freedom back in the uk where everyone’s just living in their true joy.

Here we have our final placement print 


We hope you love it as much as we do xxx

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