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Are you Independent? - The Owners

Elsie and Fred.....
is an all inclusive independent black owned company that aims to empower every female on the planet starting with YOU. 

Owned by siblings Natalie, Leanne and Ryan Haynes. Hailing from Coventry, England, and we have been working together since 2015. Elsie and Fred? 

Our grandparents of course...although Elsie thought we should have called the company 'Victoria', which may not have had the same ring.

As a sibling owned business we have certainly had our fair share of arguments and disagreements but what it also means is that we get to pour our heart and soul into everything we create for you, be it huge faux fur jackets or super cute two pieces. Every single item from Elsie and Fred is designed in house at our studio in Bermondsey, London from the prints and the lining to the fabric sourcing and zip detail. 

We simply believe everyone deserves to dress bold and free whether you're on the beaches of Bali or walking to the shops in your sliders and velour playsuit. We believe everyone should live fierce and empowered....and will continue to do so. We're unapologetic with our tone of voice and see all of our customers as mates. So don't be surprised if you see some strong messages or 'colourful' language being banded around on our social. 

If we ever change, please let us know
We're also eternally grateful for our staff who push themselves every day and put up with our bullshit.