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In 2019 I started taking waxing seriously. Bare with me. After getting really into skincare I finally confronted what I always knew to be true, shaving your noo is not the one. So I delved into coochiecare research and quickly discovered sugaring. Three ingredients: lemon juice, sugar and water. No chemicals. In fact three things I am fully happy to put in my mouth on any given day. I found a place and booked in as soon as I could. When I got there all the thoughts of lovely, natural ingredients ZOOMED, bye. All I could think about was half baked articles about how prison inmates spike boiling water with sugar to make it stick to people who done them dirty. I started to sweat, ofc my attempt to remove myself of body hair would have me leaving with 3rd degree burns, why am I even here?? I should just rock a bush. I should save up for laser hair removal if I’m that fussed right? How much is the cancellation fee?? The sweat must have been visible because as ‘My Waxing Lady’ stepped out to usher me into her little tissue lined torture room, she took my hand, STROKED IT and said ‘We can do this!’ 

In normal circumstances I’m fairly dubious about strangers touching me, let alone caressing my hand, but in that moment (and many more to come) it was everything I needed. 

Sugaring turned out to be great for my skin - but what I take away from my monthly visits is not hair at all. I love hearing about My Waxing Lady’s life, her children, her home and mostly I love that she is not afraid to pat me on the bum and say ‘Good job girl’. 

My interactions with her have made me more open to interacting with strangers than I ever could have imagined. I’ve never been someone shy of touching my friends at all, but now I make it a real priority to reach out physically when ever I can. We live in a very digital world where touch is not only more rare but often more sexualised than it needs to be due to it being not the norm.

Hugs are standard issue for me so I won’t be including them, but here are five go to moves to start touching your friends!